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Happy Birthday to MEEEEE!

This is for you. Because you are awesome. And crazy. And kind enough to bring that crazy awesomeness to the masses. ;} Although, seriously? I HOPE YOU ARE WAY TOO BUSY HAVING A FABULOUS TIME TO SEE THIS! \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/

So once upon a time, you were born and it was AWESOME! And I made a mix! FOR YOU! I know I told you a few years ago I was working on a mix for you and I did and I have it but this is not that mix this is something else. This is your birthday mix!

A mix you can download right here

1. What I Be - Michael Franti & Spearhead

I love this song - I love the way the riff cascades and I love the beauty of the lyrics and the way the song just loves on everyone and everybody and most importantly on itself. And most of all, I love it when I try to vid this song  (in my head) to whatever ensemble cast is currently beloved by me and I get to the line "if I were the words, then everything that everybody said would rhyme" cause whoever in whatever gets that line? I just breakdown in squee over that character. YAY!

2. Dy-Na-Mi-Tee - Ms. Dynamite

So remember when we were sitting around listening to music and you and eunice promised, er, sold your souls, um, said you might make that one vid for that one fandom to that one song that needs to be a vid? This is one of the other songs here's luck played. I think. If she didn't she should have cause FUN! Be a bad ass. Listen to this song. I'm so fucking empowered right now, y'all.

3. Since I Met You Baby - Professor Longhair

This song is like my fuzzy goofy romantic song to end all songs. I get all googly inside, y'know? It makes me very happy and I think you'll dig it .

4.  Putting People on the Moon - Drive-By Truckers

So yeah. Not a happy song at all, but damn if there ain't some righteous anger here and who doesn't like righteous anger on their birthday?  The reason the song is so effective for me is because every word is true and "I wish I's still an outlaw, was a better way of life/ I could clothe and feed my family, still have time to love my beautiful wife" is sung so rawly that it is actually hard to listen to it. So YAY! A big fat downer for your birthday!!

5.  Nobody Like Me - Little Brother feat O-Dash

Listen to this song while you are driving. Right. Ain't nobody like me. Roll.

6. Seven Bridges Road - Dolly Parton

It just ain't a birthday without Dolly. Seriously.  Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.

(is it tacky to dedicate this portion of your prezzie to jarrow272?)

7. Burn to Shine - Ben Harper

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SDWOLFPUP!!! You have to have some BEN HARPER for this day! Listen to this song and just *try* to keep your shoulders still. You can't. You know why? Because he is awesome!!! JUST LIKE YOU! You guys should totally hang out.

8. Get Up - The Coup

See, heresluck is not the only person who can post socially important and relevant music. I don't think I spelled relevant correctly, but whatever. I do take my job of bringing you trashy music very seriously but somewhere between my itunes and this post, I ended up putting in some shit that if you are not very very careful, will cause you to accidentally grow as a person. I am so ashamed. However, since it is me, this is still SO MUCH TRASHIER than anything she is gonna post. I just know it.

9.  463 - Buck 65

Okay. I give up. Yes, I got this song from a CD that h.l gave me for my birthday. I admit it - she rules all our music, except for the very special secret places where we cherish REO Speedwagon.

This song, however; is a really amazing piece of work. I kinda think it might make a good Supernatural vid, except the characters it works for keep dying. Which also works...

10. She's Not for You - Mark Lanegan

So a long time ago I bought this CD called "Twisted Willie" and it was a bunch of people doing covers of Willie Nelson songs and I was ridiculously excited. I mean, with that as the concept it had to be amazing, right? The fact that it wasn't everything it could be was a disappointment but I do like this cover a lot. I think you need it as well. I'd put a bow on it but the violin would shred it before you could open it so, you know, brown paper bag.

11.  Staging the Plaguing of the Raised Platform - Cornershop

*me realizes this is yet ANOTHER CD she bought because of h.l*

This is getting ridiculous. Luckily you are both so awesome that it doesn't matter that I never would have discovered Cornershop if not for h.l putting "Lesson's Learned from Rocky I through Rocky III" on a mix. Actually, this is the only other song of theirs that I got into and despite having it on repeat for most of a month back last year, I *still* have no idea what this song is about. I know I love it and it is fun and a bunch of little kids sing along on it and so that could be totally creepy but turns out to be kind of cute. I also think that there is some sort of message but I suspect you have to be not-me to get it. I think that part of the reason I am putting this on your mix is the hope that you will explain this to me. Before I vid it to Firefly. Cause I totally could - I won't, but I could.

12.  Ma Douce Amie - Beausoleil

This is one of the saddest songs I have ever heard. The only French I know is from Lady Marmelade, but even I know this song is heart-breaking. I think this should be on your mix because this song is AWESOME in its sadness. This is the saddest dude in the entire parish. He is so sad. So very very sad. AND HE JUST GETS SADDER! He totally is a downer at the fais do do, let me tell ya.

*cries into my Abita*

13.  Mahgeeta - My Morning Jacket

So we go from a song in a language I don't speak to a song in a language I totally get on an intrinsic level!! YAY! Listen to MMJ and their sounds all crash together and you should possibly be outside and it should be a really nice, but warm day, and the sun should just getting lower and listen to this and think about, I don't know, Fraser. I think about Fraser and Ray but you can think about Fraser and Ray. Or Ray and Ray since it is your birthday. You might even think about Dief. He thinks about you.

Oh, and the title. Say the name of the song and pretend you are me or Lum "Mah-gee-tah" - also think about the most cherished thing the dude singing has. OH and while you are at it - JAM THE FUCK OUT! WHOOOT!!!

14.  Funny How Time Slips Away - Al Green & Lyle Lovett

This is just awesome on your own personal levels of awesome.  YOU COULD TOTALLY VID THIS!!!!


15.  Find a Way - A Tribe Called Quest

I debated putting this on the mix but I finally decided that I can have as many songs as I want on this and you might like it and if you like it, than cool!  These dudes are all broken hearted. It is awful for them, but they can still find it in their own way to be awesome. Like you, except for the heartbroken parts.

16. Thieves In the Night - Black Star

I can has social relevance? I know this is h.l. territory,  but I'm worried she might not put this song on your mix and you need it. So here it is.

17. No Surrender - Bone Thugs -N- Harmony

DUDE! I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!! So, like just listen and tell me what you think and again, no pressure, but don't you just see like cylons and shit? 

18. I Tried - Bone Thugs -N- Harmony feat. Akon

So yeah. I followed one Bone Thugs song with another but that is not my fault. I had to adequately represent their complete awesomeness to you, the keeper of all awesomeness. Cause they are so awesome and you know. They try.

19.  Pose - Justin Timberlake feat Snoop Dogg

FREAK FREAK!! Let me take your picture, let me take your picture! 

You have to love this song. I don't know if it is possible to *not* love this song.  Only feel dirty for loving Justin if you *like* feeling dirty. Also, anytime Snoop shows up, you know somebody is losing their top. It is just one of those facts of life. See? I have music you will NEVER get from h.l.

20.  Joey - Dyan and the Dead

It just wouldn't be your birthday without some Dylan and the Dead, y'know?

"What time is it", said the judge to Joey when they met
"five to ten," says Joey
The judge says, "That's what you'll get"

That judge is such a Badass. I like to pretend he is played by Samuel L Jackson. It makes it even better. Happy Birthday!!

21. Zoloft - Drive-By Truckers

Yes, I know I am pushing the DBT but with good reason. Also? This is like FEEL GOOD TRUCKERS! Literally!

All my family problems disappeared overnight
We're all taking zoloft and everything is fine
Sister's teen angst just flew out the window
Mama's so happy she laughs all the time

When he gets to part where his pit bull starts cheering up, I throw up my hat and do the Virginia Reel. By myself. That is very very hard to do.

22. The Message - Dr. Dre feat. Mary J Blige

This is serious Dre with a message - you can tell because the name of the song is "The Message"  and Mary J Blige is there.  See? Me and Dre, we have many many sides.

23. Ring the Alarm - Beyonce

You know there is no celebrating your birthday without Beyonce.  When I listen to this song, I picture the version of Clark Kent that lives in my head freaking out about Lex Luthor dating Lana Lang. It is awesome! Like you! But there are other things you can do while listening to this song that are just as fun as that.

For example - all you need is a hallway, hopefully without a lot of stuff on the walls, and an empty house (or not, I don't judge).  Take a look at the vid

All you have to do is start flinging yourself up and down the hall, clinging to the wall. Wear a man's dress shirt and some stilettos if you want - this is guaranteed to make you truly happy.


Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday sdwolfpup! I hope your day is filled with awesome as much as you are and that you have a wonderful time at DragonCon. I am so thankful to know you and to have gotten chances to meet you as you always impress me with your kindness, intelligence and creativity not to mention what a joy your posts are to read (almost) every day. I will forever be glad that you create so many wonderful, amazng vids that I love from so many of my favorite shows to ones I know nothing ever but still enjoy anyway. It's always good to see you talk about vidding and I love how great you are about encouraging all vidders. I will always be thankful of you (and others) welcoming me at my first Vividcon and I'm so glad that the vidding fandom has you in it.

My ideal birthday gift would be getting Firefly more episodes and another season but some vid feedback for you will have to do. I wrote feedback for The Loyal, Let's Go Crazy and That's All with links to all here:

The Loyal
Let's Go Crazy
That's All

Had to skip Weapon of Choice for fear of spoilers but you'll be glad to know I am working on finally watching Farscape now. After I finish Wonderfalls. Just be glad I didn't vid my LKBV idea for Dante's Cove which pains me to think about even now. Thankfully you have a few other ones.

I hope you have a wonderful and very happy year!

Gets Her Wish: a birthday mix for SDW

So... normally when I do mixes, I try to work with a theme or a focus or, you know, something to give it coherence. Unfortunately for you, my brain is mush right now. So, uh, the theme of this mix is: Songs h.l Thinks sdwolfpup Might Like. It is possible that you already have some (or many) of these songs, in which case... go me for understanding your musical tastes. *g*

The mix should be short enough to burn to a CD if you want to do that. I'm listing the tracks in the order I put them in because I am a control freak like that, but obviously you can put them in whatever order you want! Just don't tell me!

track list and downloads under the cutCollapse )

And that concludes this mix. Happy birthday!

Mashy Birthday!

A little late in the game, but omg HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TIFF!!!

In celebration of everything that's wonderful about you, I took some of my favourite vids of yours and made them inexplicably distorted for your joy and pleasure!

Kick in theThing Called Love

Fix You Beauty School Dropout

Moving Right Along That I Want

Moving Cold Cold Water Right Along

Moving Right More Than a Woman

Enjoy :D

ETA: I forgot the Coin Operated Boy mashups! Continuing the Grease theme, we have

There Are Worse Coin Operated Things I Could Do

and finally Coin Operated Girl Anachronism

Joyeux Anniversaire!!

I hope you are having scads at fun at the con.

Having no skills, I haven't brought anything creative. But, I can screencap and a birthday always needs more Festive Ass, to steal a phrase . . .Collapse )

Many Happy Returns!!!

I bring no fic or art, simply a cliched greeting:


Really, though, you bring so much to our fan-world, and I hope you have an absolutely fabulous day.

Happy Happy Birthday!

This is the one, right? The Big One. The Biggest One so far. The one that means that you're grown up and know what you're doing. Laugh with me here!

Knowing you is a pleasure and a privilege, and I hope you have a memorable, wonderful, cake-filled, present-laden birthday.

Happy Birthday !

SDwolfpup's B-Day

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! For your BIG birthday I had hoped to have a small box of tacky things Canadian things to send your way, but I am waiting on the last incredibly silly item to send it off.... so, instead I give you a small piece of Canada in the form of cartoons you would have seen if you had grown up north of the boarder.

Canadian cartoons that will damage you foreverCollapse )