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A Private Conversation

Happy birthday, sdwolfpup! Not only are you an awesome person, you do awesome things. Case in point: your brilliant Ray/Ray vid. Despite your patient mentoring, I am not nearly awesome enough to be able to make a vid like that. But I really wanted to do something for you as a thank-you for such an awesome vid. So I bring you, as a birthday tribute, a Ray/Ray aud.

[Er, an aud being the equivalent of a vid - bits of the source taken out of context and strung together - except audio rather than video. If there's a real name for this, I dunno what it is.]

A Private Conversation (.mp3, 1:27, about 1.4MB, please right-click and save)
due South, Ray/Ray, PG13
Summary: Vecchio and Kowalski have an encounter in a sleazy bar.

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